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Civic si intake sound

H onda fans have been raving about the Civic Type R for the past few years. After all, Americans have been craving a Type R of their own for decades. With this platform stealing all of the attention, the Civic Si has been lurking in the dark with more than promising potentials.

civic si intake sound

While everyone is lusting over the Type R, we decided to pick up the more affordable younger sibling in the Honda Civic Si. The Honda Civic Si is powered by a 1. Utilizing direct-injection, the Si is rated at horsepower and lb-ft of torque from the factory. This power sprints the 2,pound Si from mph in 6. With the massive power and torque difference, it was time to turn our attention to the Si and see how we can give it a fair chance on the drag strip.

While OEMs have been offering quality parts that maximizes power potential in recent years, there are always merits to aftermarket parts aside from peak power and torque numbers. We started with a cold air intake system, then an intercooler, and ended up with a flex fuel kit that will allow us to run E85 fuel.

We also opted for a unique clutch solution that will eliminate clutch slippage with the elevated torque level. If you own a Honda, you know what the Hondata FlashPro can do. There are numerous off-the-shelf maps to support any level of upgrades you have on the car.

Live tuning and hours of datalogging is also available with this system. Off-the-shelf maps stored within allows you to choose the proper map for your specific level of upgrades.

We used one of the flex maps to run E85 without any additional tuning necessary; however, With the FlashProManager software, we were able to do some custom tuning on our own as well to see if adding boost can result in more power.

Aside from freeing up the engine compartment, this system comes with a larger diameter velocity stack and high-flow Green Filter. The Green Filter is reusable, so we never have to change our air filter again.

Ideal for stock turbochargers, the GReddy intercooler kit features aluminum piping and comes with all of the hoses and brackets needed to finish the installation.

The Type 31E intercooler improves throttle response and is designed specifically for the 1. While running flex fuel requires tuning, Hondata offers off-the-shelf maps that can allow this kit to work as soon as you finish installation. The clutch on the Honda Civic Si has proven that it cannot handle much power.

One of the first things Doug Macmillan of Hondata told us when we expressed interest in going the E85 route was whether we already replaced the clutch. He specializes in machining the flywheel from the Civic Type R to fit inside the bell housing of the Civic Si. We strapped our Honda Civic Si to the dyno to get a baseline.

On our Dynojet, the Si put down This was accomplished when running on the factory The horsepower continues rising all the way to redline. In a completely stock form, our Honda Civic Si put down This was accomplished when running on octane fuel at nearly 19 psi of boost.

The horsepower graph is smooth and linear all the way to redline, while the torque curve peaks around 3, RPM and starts slowly dropping. The FlashPro offers off-the-shelf maps for just about any level of modifications, including flex fuel. We started with the first performance map on octane.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

In the event of a delay, we will keep you up-to-date on the timing of your new product. For our international customers and those outside the continental US Alaska and Hawaiiorders may take longer and international shipping charges may apply. Please contact us if you have specific questions regarding your order. This kit is engineered specifically for your — Honda Civic Si and includes everything needed to replace the restrictive stock airbox. This dyno-proven air intake provides 8 hp and 6 tq gains over the stock intake.

Installation is quick and simple, perfect for some extra punch on the street or autocross course. The Mishimoto Honda Civic Si Performance Air Intake includes everything needed for installation, installs in under one hour, and works perfectly with the stock tune.

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The mandrel-bent aluminium intake pipe is available with a polished or black powder-coated finish. To reduce air intake temperatures, a powder-coated heat shield is placed between the air filter and hot exhaust manifold, significantly reducing heat-soak. The included Mishimoto oiled air filter is completely serviceable, allowing for a lifetime of reliable use. Additionally this Civic Si intake kit includes a silicone coupler, clamps, and all other hardware necessary to complete a quick installation for easy bolt-on power.

Along with an upgrade in power, this Civic Si intake also provides an aggressive and rich intake tone that is a huge improvement over the stock intake, especially when VTEC activates. This Warranty Policy is non-transferable and all claims under this Warranty Policy must be accompanied by the original sales receipt. The terms and conditions of this Warranty Policy are subject to change by Mishimoto at any time without notice. For our complete warranty policy, please click here.

Pipe Diameter 2.

civic si intake sound

Airbox Material Aluminum. Oiled Filter 38 g of oil on filter. Pipe Material Mandrel-Bent Aluminum. Engine Codes K20Z3.What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter michaeljm4 Start date Jul 25, I recently just bought an 18' Si, and I'm considering doing an intake but I would like to hear some suggestions, reviews, thoughts, and tips before I go ahead and do it.

This is also my first car and I'm a beginner to the whole car scene, but I love the idea of modifying cars and I want to learn more about all the engine parts before I do any mods. I've heard good things about PRL, but their intakes are a bit pricy. I also recently just did a muffler delete. I want to know how much louder an intake would make my car, what the performance gain will be, and if an intake is even worth doing.

Also, what is the main differences between a cold air intake and a short ram? I've heard that CAI's are more prone to hydrolocking as well. Anyways, please give me some feedback and tips on what you think is best. A lot of us run PRL cold air with no issues as long as you aren't driving through a river with standing water. Cold air intakes are a waste of money jmo. Thanks for all the love guys!

Shoot us a message, email or phone call if you ever have any questions! Yea Thats all your going to be getting is hot air from the engine bay, Honda has spent millions of dollars in researching all aspects of intake charge. I am sure the IAT's will be real hot setting in the engine bay.

At least the stock air box has a cold air set up where the small rubber piece comes straight from the outside under the hood. I am just saying the money spent on a CAI imo is not worth it. Now I found the stock paper filter coated with oil, looks like a restriction to me, I changed out.

I admit I am a horsepower junkie too lol. CLnet Senior Member. This was probably the worst decision i've made in my entire life I think i lost around 20whp when its hot outside, no joke. I sold it 1 week after the installation. There's a lot of people talking about the stock intake, which is probably the best intake for you car CLnet said:.

The High Flow filter, its not like the stock one. Doublestack00 Senior Member.Looking at this one, for example, as a lower cost:2. Im at a loss to as to what to do. Apparently it is becoming a big issue. My new washing machine and vacuum overwhelms my laundry with a nasty plastic smell, even with the window open.

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So, why do I link to products on Amazon. Reply1 day 19 hours agoLeanneShare On TwitterShare On GoogleWhat you are doing is great, I wish we were all like yourself. Reply20 days 3 minutes agoUdayShare On TwitterShare On GoogleI live in Hyderabad(India). Reply1 month 4 hours agoTaraShare On TwitterShare On GoogleThis is great to find. Reply1 month 3 days agoDara Herman ZierleinShare On TwitterShare On GoogleThis is truly the best 1-100 list I have ever seen. What did we do before plastic.

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Test & Tune: 2019 Honda Civic Si | Intake, Flashpro, Type R Clutch & E85

Sorry to give such basic suggestions, but as I mentioned above, I cannot troubleshoot the issue very well, if I cannot replicate the issue. Thanks for the quick response. Same result after clearing Cache, in latest versions of Chrome and IEWhat browser are you using. I just tested in the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Honda Civic Si Performance Air Intake, 2006–2011 PRE-SALE

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2018 Civic Si with K&N air intake

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2018 Civic Si Intake Suggestions

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civic si intake sound

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